Peppermint Legal Workflow Solutions

Here at Expedite Law we are case management agnostic, but we do have our favorites and Peppermint Technology is one of them!

We have been working with Peppermint for the last 3 years and have assisted them by producing workflow and task management accelerators in a number of areas including conveyancing, debt recovery and medical negligence. We have used our own in house legal experts to not only bring you something that’s fully functional out of the box should you wish, or open doors and conversations to enable you to really automate these processes and eradicate errors.

Peppermint Workflow Solutions

Any process if it can be documented can be automated, our skilled analysts and developers will ensure that your users are doing the right task at the right time. Peppermint is a fantastic product, built on Microsoft Dynamics in Azure 365 you can be rest assured that you are building process in a product that’s continually evolving at all levels. Having worked with Peppermint we know they share our love in trying to make the front office as efficient as possible and try to minimise risk at all levels of the transaction.

Peppermint Logo
Peppermint Logo