To complement our legal software product offer, we partner with leading technology firms, ensuring our clients get the best service and resolution.

Peppermint Technology

For more information please visit Peppermint Technology's website using the link below.

Our partnership with Peppermint allows us to build innovative solutions to extend their fantastic CX365 product. 

Built on Microsoft’s Cloud and Power Platform this suite of applications provides leading technological solutions to Client Engagement, Case and Matter Management and Document Management. 

We have been fortunate to have been partnered from the initial launch allowing us to contribute to, and influence the tools, features and presentation of the product.

We offer accelerator packs that expedite the implementation of CX365 in specific practice areas; including Conveyancing and Plot Sales, Debt Recovery and Litigation.


Thomson Reuters

For more information please visit Thomson Reuters' website using the link below.

Our accreditation as 3E MatterSphere Implementation Partners allows to us collaborate with Thomson Reuters Elite on every aspect of 3E MatterSphere installations. From early demonstrations and workshops through to configuration, development, delivery, and support.

Our team has worked with every version of the MatterSphere product over the last 15 years and we are able to offer the largest dedicate consultancy team worldwide to any project. MatterSphere continues to offer consistent, repeatable case management and matter workflow processes to promote productivity and profitability and we are proud to be partners in this success.

We offer several solutions that can advance installation, or complement and extend the 3E MatterSphere product.



For more information please visit the FormEvo website using the link below.

FormEvo provides our clients with access to the only vendor-independent, comprehensive and secure, cloud-based, electronic and digital legal forms library in the UK.

Legal forms are their only business - it's all that they do – so they are able to focus their research and development on offering clients electronic and digital legal forms that are easy to use, innovative, flexible and future proof. 

Expedite partner with FormEvo so that network forms can be integrated with a client’s current and future practice, case and document management systems. 

Find out more about our FormFill product here.



For more information please visit the Rising Tide website using the link below.

Rising Tide build innovative AI solutions that deliver business benefits and strategic outcomes using the best AI technologies available.

As a result, there are less barriers for our clients to achieve their objectives resulting in smarter customer journey and enhanced customer and workforce.



For more information please visit the HelloSign website using the link below.

HelloSign provide our clients with an eSignature (electronic signature) to allow their customers to sign documents online, instead of using pen and paper, which has many efficiency benefits.

Expedite partner with HelloSign in order to provide the eSign product and provide the integration required for MatterSphere case management. 

Find more details about the eSign product here.