Why should you choose Expedite?

Proven and trusted developers of MatterSphere and Peppermint applications - Expedite Law


We’re proven and trusted with extensive expertise and experience of developing MatterSphere and Peppermint applications.

Expedite Law work with legal practices throughout the UK and the world.


We’ve built a global reputation through working with an extensive portfolio of legal practices in the UK and around the world.

Expedite Law - integrity and security is paramount at every stage of development.


The integrity and security of our client’s information is paramount, at every stage of the development process.


Expedite Law provides collaborative case management solutions to a network of global clients working in the legal sector. We’ve built a powerful reputation for transforming professional services, placing quality and security at the forefront of everything that we do. 

Alongside our strategic partnerships we’ve successfully developed case management systems to optimise processes aimed at delivering cost savings and efficiencies for all our clients, while developing taskflows and bespoke add-ins to make their business processes intuitive, fast and responsive. Everything we do is built around ensuring that every taskflow and process meets legislation and compliance requirements.

We also develop bespoke portals, including encrypted online tools and transaction checks, in conjunction with the MatterSphere and Peppermint case management systems. 


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