Expedite Law enters next phase of growth

Expedite Law enters next phase of growth as it becomes independent business entity

In 2022, Expedite Law was created by sister company, Fusion IT, so we could focus more on the transformative work we do around legal case management processes, as well as to  drive our own identity within the market.

Since Gary Colclough joined Fusion IT in 2010, he’s always had a vision of creating a company that can deliver effective software solutions, with a people-centric approach at its core. After expanding the development department over the last decade, Gary is now the proud co-owner of Expedite Law, alongside Jamie Watson, founder and managing director at Fusion IT.

What does this mean for current clients and prospects? 

The main thing is, day-to-day interactions with us won’t be changing. We still have the same people, the same approach and the same expertise within Expedite Law as we did when it was a part of Fusion IT.

More importantly, having no third party investments means we have the flexibility to stay ahead of the curve too. That means constantly adapting our product portfolio in line with our clients’ needs, extending our ongoing partnership with some great names in the legal tech sector, and bringing new services to the table as time progresses too.

We look forward to the future of both Expedite Law and Fusion IT as both businesses continue on their own separate growth trajectories. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact a member of our friendly team.

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