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Welcome to 'Meet the Team'

Here at Expedite we put great value on our people; without them we wouldn't be able to deliver our superb work. We're now throwing them into the spotlight so you can get to know the people behind the code. This week we have a chat with….Shakeel Sadiq.

What is your role within Expedite?

Primarily it is Head of Web Development; to nurture and grow, both technically and in terms of empowering colleagues, the Web and Integrations offering of Expedite.  I do also play a more holistic role as part of the senior management team in implementing people and product strategies across the firm.

How long have you been with Expedite and what drew you to us?

I have been with Expedite for 6 years.  I was very much drawn to the ethos of the firm which was embodied by Jamie and Gary and I’ve learnt a lot from them since.

What does your day to day look like?

Quite a mixed bag!  Can range from technical architecture meetings, to recruitment, to client and partner interactions.  More recently, I have been working a lot on people and team strategies with a goal of getting the best out of all our amazing colleagues.

What is your team like?

Amazing.  They take their roles and responsibilities very seriously whilst still having down time.  Much like myself, they have embraced the company values and work quite independently and happy to contribute in various activities and not just their primary roles.

What have been your biggest accomplishments on your team in the last 3 months?

We have been deploying upgrades to our core products; this has been a meticulously planned and executed incredibly.  We have also reached a major milestone in our Client Portal and national whiplash claims integration projects.  Further, there has been a tiring yet rewarding recruitment drive which has resulted in some amazing hires being added to the team.

What has been your experience with our company culture?

Very impressed from day one.  A place where help is at hand when needed but you are not micromanaged and are given the independence to manage your time and work.  Above all else is the honesty and great ethics which are at the heart of the firm.

How have you grown professionally while working with Expedite?

I have been involved in growing the Web team as well as the business as a whole, taking into account the scaling of teams and a business.  It has been fascinating and has maintained Expedite to be a very rewarding place to work.

What are you looking forward to working on in the future?

Continue to work on assisting colleagues to grow across the firm as well to be a part of the products team to enhance products and to work on new solutions.

What does the next 3 months look like for you?

Primary focus on our online legal forms integration as well as continued decentralising decision making and ownership of projects and products so colleagues can own more of the process and outcomes.

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