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Welcome to 'Meet the Team'

Here at Expedite we put great value on our people; without them we wouldn't be able to deliver our superb work. We're now throwing them into the spotlight so you can get to know the people behind the code. This week we have a chat with… Karl Jennings.

What is your role within Expedite?


Development Team Leader


How long have you been with Expedite and what drew you to us?


I have been here for a year but already feel like part of the furniture, I was drawn to the company as Gary has built a company around solid values and belief that we can and do make a difference to the businesses we work with.


I have always been someone that likes to make a difference and to be given the chance to work with multiple companies allows me to potentially make a difference to the whole industry as we begin to release industry leading products.


What does your day to day look like?


This is where I am lucky, there is no day that really looks the same as another.


I can go from some hard-core C# development into a client meeting into a product strategy meeting all in the space of one day.  Variety is the spice of life, and I am living well!!


What is your team like?


The company as a whole has a wonderful mixture of people with varying backgrounds, skills and lifestyles, this makes sure that we have such brilliant and well-rounded teams.


What have been your biggest accomplishments on your team in the last 3 months?


Wow this is a tough question, there have been a lot of highlights recently, but I think the product design work that I have been involved in has been brilliant to and seeing that design coming to fruition is great.


Keep your eyes peeled as we get ready to take the legal sector by storm with some inventive products that will change the way business tackle processes and process development.

What has been your experience with our company culture?

From the top down the culture is one of caring, honesty and respect.  I know you hear that from a number of companies, but I can say I proudly wear the expedite logo because of the company culture that we have and the fact is it not just words but something that is acted upon on a daily basis.

How have you grown professionally while working with Expedite?

Have I grown professionally, what a great question.  I can safely say that 100% yes, the insights I have got being able to look holistically at a process rather than being in the thick of it has opened my eyes up to how much good we can do to the industries we serve.

The knowledge and skill set that we have in this company means there is not a single day that someone does not tell you something that you didn’t already know.  It is great learning and sharing my own experiences with a great team of people.

What are you looking forward to working on in the future?

Automation is my buzz word, I love being able to look at a process with someone and say, yeah, we can do that for you so you have time to do the more exciting parts of the process.

There is going to be a lot more of that in the future and to be able to share that with the rest of the world will be brilliant.

What does the next 3 months look like for you?

Hard work but exciting work, a bit different to what I am doing at the moment, but I have been given the chance to grow and focus on the areas that really get me excited whilst also keeping my fingers in the pie with client work.


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