Five ways of making legal form filling easier

We are always looking for ways to provide our clients with solutions to manage clients, matters, documents, and all associated details in one place. With a wealth of experience in dealing with legal systems development, we’ve recently introduced FormFill that can help to achieve just this. 

Fusion FormFill is primarily a 3E MatterSphere add-in that heavily integrates with FormEvo’s impressive legal forms platform which, at the time or writing, boasts close to 3000 legal forms.  As an aside, with the intelligent data mapping tool we have developed, we are keen to provide FormFill to users of case management systems other than 3E MatterSphere also so do get in touch if this is of interest.

With its seamless integration for populating and launching legal forms, FormFill eases the process of filling in online legal forms including those that are lengthy and repetitive by: 

  • pre-populating legal forms with your 3E MatterSphere data to improve efficiency and accuracy,
  • improving client service with effortless form sharing,
  • allowing you to access forms anywhere, anytime, from any device,
  • ensuring the completeness of your case files by automatically saving completed forms into your data management system (DMS), and
  • saving time on preparation by mapping data to multiple forms.

Integration with FormEvo

You can utilise the power of FormFill alongside FormEvo’s vast library of legal forms to improve efficiency, accuracy and consistency in your legal form provision.

The extensive selection of fully-maintained legal forms cover all the main areas of law, including conveyancing, divorce, employment, family, legal aid, litigation, probate, insolvency and more. 

With a single click you can import a form directly into your MatterSphere, select data to pre-populate the form and then send draft forms directly to your client for sign off. Once finalised, the forms are available immediately as PDFs. 

Though there have been other providers of electronic legal forms, it was important that we integrated with a provider who kept the online forms catalogue up to date and also provided the ability to prepopulate forms with relative ease and to a great depth.  We also understood our client do not simply want forms filling electronically but, where applicable, want the forms digitally submitted to the various government portals.  The solution resulted in an amazing collaboration between Fusion and FormEvo and FormFill was born.

If you are already one of our many MatterSphere clients, watch our demonstration video below to see how the FormFill add-on can help add value and efficiencies to your business.

If you are not already a Fusion MatterSphere client, please drop us a line to request more information or a demo of our FormFill solution with FormEvo -

Five ways of making legal form filling easier - blog from Expedite Law
Five ways of making legal form filling easier - blog from Expedite Law