Expedite Law providing excellent levels of service

The inspiration behind Expedite Law was a desire to leverage our unique skillsets to create a development consultancy offering clearly ‘positioned’ to law firms and their case and matter management platform needs. 

We are therefore delighted to report this is now providing dividends in terms of the feedback from a client as shown below. 

Naturally, confidentiality is key for us as an ISO 27100 accredited organisation and our clients – so we need to keep the source confidential – but it is great to get positive responses. 

 1. How would you rate the quality of service from Expedite Law? This includes things such as communication, response time and information.

Very Satisfied 

 2. How would you rate the quality of solution you receive from Expedite Law? This relates directly to the products the Expedite Law provides.

Very Satisfied 

 3.  What has been your best experience with Expedite Law?

“The people at Expedite Law are first class, they work with us closely and get to know the business to enable the best outcome for our firm.” 

 4.  What has been your worst experience with Expedite Law?

“We are yet to have a bad experience, hopefully, Expedite Law can keep up the high standards.” 

 5. Overall, how would you rate your experience with Expedite Law?

Very Satisfied 

 6. How likely are you to recommend Expedite Law to another firm?

Very Likely 

Expedite Law – Client Feedback 13th October 2022 

We look forward to sharing further positive news on our blog, as Expedite Law continues to increase its presence within the legal case management, legal process management and online portals market. 



Expedite Law Team
Expedite Law Team