Expedite Back on the Track!

FormEvo Clark Racing is stepping up its game in 2023, moving on from a very successful five-year Porsche Club Championship campaign to the Britcar Trophy. The team dominated the podium for the last four years, winning the championship in both eligible Porsche models, including the Cayman, a first in the championship's history. Now, it's time for a new challenge and a new car, the Porsche 997.

With a new title sponsorship from FormEvo and a continued partnership with Fusion IT Management, Expedite Law, EnablAI, and SP1 IT Solutions, the team is ready to tackle endurance racing. The Porsche 997's performance is balanced in the Porsche Club, but the team will unleash its potential by stripping the ballast weight, turning up the wick, and entering endurance racing.

The team will compete in the Britcar Trophy, a nationally recognised championship with a multi-marque class structure, featuring 50-minute and 2-hour races across six rounds. Endurance racing requires a different approach, with mandatory pit stops, grooved tyres, and double the track time per round. It's all about strategy, consistency, tyre management, and maximising everything, from the car, to the driver, to the team.

To win, the team must finish, and that requires a focus on laptimes that balance the opportunity to win with taking care of the car and its tyres. The team will need to make strategic decisions about aerodynamic aids and fuel consumption, as well as respond to the unpredictable variables of motorsport.

The Optimal Balance of Performance and Endurance!
The Optimal Balance of Performance and Endurance!

The FormEvo Clark Racing team is excited by the opportunities and challenges presented by the Britcar 2023 season. It will build on its successful formula, learn a new discipline, and have fun in the process.

The team will compete on the following dates:

  • Round 1: 26 March, Silverstone GP
  • Round 2: 23 April, Brands Hatch Indy
  • Round 3: 29 May, Oulton Park
  • Round 4: 25 June, Silverstone GP
  • Round 5: 17 September, Snetterton 300
  • Round 6: 15 October, Donington GP

Stay tuned for updates on the FormEvo Clark Racing team's progress throughout the 2023 season.



Expedite Back on the Track!
Expedite Back on the Track!