Our next webinar in partnership with Peppermint Technology

Drive efficiency gains and reduce risk through case automation: An introduction to Expedite Law’s Accelerator solutions, built for Peppermint Case Management.

When disaster strikes and your clients need to make a claim, delivering on processes both quickly and accurately can be the difference between success and failure.

Built by our incredible Expedite Law team, the Accelerators extend Peppermint Technology’s Case Management application to automate legal forms, generate the documents with ease, and reduce margin of error whilst giving your lawyers back time spent on repeatable activities.

Listen out for Expedite's Development Director, Gary Colclough and Senior IT Consultant, Glen Fredericks, along with Chris Jefferson, Peppermint's Sales Manager as they conduct a webinar exploring the value of automation in legal processes, complete with a demonstration of how Accelerators can positively support your legal processes and workflows to create efficiencies. 

Session Format

This is a pre-recorded webinar with a release date of w/c 6th February 2023. To be notified of the webinar release, please ensure you subscribe to the release email by filling in the registration form. A Q&A form will also be available for any follow up queries – and we will aim to respond as quickly as possible.


  • Welcome from Expedite Law & Peppermint
  • Introduction to Accelerators:
    • What is an Accelerator?
    • What are the benefits of an Accelerator?
    • How does an Accelerator drive process efficiency?
  • Why we built them: introduction to Expedite Law’s Accelerator solutions (inc what kind of Accelerators does Expedite/Peppermint offer?)
  • Demonstration of the Accelerators


Gary Colclough, Development Director at Expedite Law

Glen Fredericks, Senior IT Consultant at Expedite Law

Chris Jefferson, Sales Manager at Peppermint


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